Written by Cicero

This goes out to all people who can say with confidence they can pass as a leftist. Be it an odd hair color, effeminate physique, or just a confident love of expensive coffee drinks.

If one takes a short look at the history of leftist activism, their most effective and long lasting methodology is that of infiltration. They have taken over academia, many former right wing groups and media outlets, and a plethora of social movements such as atheism and feminism. Why then, has the right not started a counter-infiltration?

The most simple explanation is outright activism doesn’t come naturally to the right wing, it only comes as a defensive reaction to the left, and never in a full scale ideological warfare model like those of a Saul Alinsky. My answer then is simple, though it may not come naturally to us, we must counter-infiltrate, take over the left wing institutions they know and love and turn them against the enemy. It won’t be easy, and surely there will be more nose holding than some people are willing to bear. But if the past 50 years have shown us anything, it works, and it’s effects are devastating to the opposition.


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