Democracy and libertarians

Originally published February 27, 2016 by  Connor Mizer on Secular Neo-Reactionary Anarcho-Captialism 

Democracy and libertarians

Something that has always puzzled me is the weird stance that most libertarians hold on democracy. Most of them are willing to admit that it isn’t good as the majority populace has been dumbed down by federally managed public schooling and, therefore, are not ‘qualified’ to vote. They’re all too willing to share pictures to their Facebook feed of how Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner, or, if I can implore a quote from Larken Rose, “Clamoring over who gets to wield the club of government to bash their agenda into others’ head.” Larken, while I have quite a few qualms with, is absolutely right with this quote. However, I’d like to take the sheep and wolf analogy into scrutiny.

You see, I don’t much care for that analogy. At a glace, it makes sense. The civilians, or taxpayers, are the sheep and the wolves are the government. The problem I have is that wolves eating sheep is the natural order of things. Wolves are a predatory species – they train in their early years to be hunters. Sheep, on the other hand, are simply a prey species. They’re the go-to parallel to humans that most libertarians will go to, “you’re just a sheep,” and there’s good reason for that. They don’t have resource scarcity, no in-group competition, and they cling together and follow one another even to death. The sheep is there for the wolf, and the wolf has every natural ‘right’ to eat that sheep for his livelihood. But, I’d like to change the sheep to a rabbit for sake of argument as the comparisons are easier to make.

What I’m getting at here is that, in the wild, there are far more rabbits, mice, sheep and prey species than there are wolves. Wolves take time and effort from birth to be fluent in their instinctual art of hunting, whereas rabbits and other prey species take no training or skill to eat grass and reproduce. This is commonly known as the r/K selection theory. Whereas the rabbits breed rapidly with a low dedication to their young(single-motherhood is a key here, as the father isn’t needed), no in-group preference, no resource scarcity and no competition. As a result, rabbits are in much higher number in the wild.

Wolves, on the other-hand, are the complete opposite. They only have 2-3 young at a time, because they have to teach them how to hunt and survive in the wilderness. Wolves have a high in-group preference in their packs, are patriarchal, monogamous, and have a very high competition between groups. The group that hunts best, survives. The weaker group dies off, and natural selection takes it course.

We can apply this theory between humans. There are far fewer business owners than there are employees; there are far fewer wolves than rabbits in society. A natural phenomenon where the ‘wolves’ will reign over the ‘sheep’ as they are the dominant, smartest, and most capable. There is nothing wrong with this, and, contrary to what kids are taught in school, not everyone is fit out to be a wolf. Not everyone has the dedication, intelligence and leadership to pull off making a fortune 500 company. However, the left rejects this simple, yet natural, hierarchy.

Democracy is NOT wolves decided to eat a sheep, or rabbit, for dinner, but it’s the rabbit using the state to put restraints on the wolf. It’s unnatural and the cause for so many atrocities in current America.

The left are slowly moving more and more-so left than it’s now a communist party. Current democratic demagogue Bernie Sanders gets so much of the vote from Millennials, because they were brought up in the time of PC culture. Where teachers weren’t allowed to fail you, where every ‘kid’ was special, where everyone got a trophy, where every kid was fit for the like of academia. This unnatural and disgusting agenda has rewired most of their minds to accept this contrary to all natural law. They think that everyone should go to college which was, originally, for the top of top, the creme de creme. It was for the wolves but, using the power of the state, they forced them to accept vermin-kin into their ranks, degrading degrees and causing a huge gap between minimum wage and what they would call a “living” wage – they essentially destroyed the middle class in America through forcing businesses to accept degrees over self-training, experience and why on-the-job training is gone.

Notice a pattern here? That would have never happened if it wasn’t for suffrage of blacks, women, peasants, and plebs – the vermin, or r-selected, of society. That’s right. If we had kept the sense to keep voting to only White males who actually owned property we wouldn’t be in this huge cluster-fuck. And, of course, the left’s only reaction is to use more of the cancer the fucked it up in the first place, and criminalize labor through minimum wage laws and ‘free’ college. Libertarians are okay in admitting this and the terrible atrocities caused by democracy, but what happens when you suggest alternatives?

Mention taking away women’s suffrage to a libertarian nowadays and watch him recoil in horror and call you a misogynist. Think that’s bad? Say you want to take them away from notoriously r selected blacks who care for nothing more than gibsmedats. Say you’d prefer a fascist dictatorship over a democratically elected communist regime and Larken Rose will say you’re not a real libertarian. They’ll accuse of racism, which they say violates the NAP for some retarded reason, sexism and whatever other leftist buzzwords for heresy, wrong-think they can procure and then they’ll go fuck and create even more of them. They are vermin and, by letting them vote and giving them a political voice, you are fucking human-kind(specifically the white race – who pays all the taxes) into a devolved and degenerate race who’s only next accomplishment will be it’s own demise.

Democracy violates every natural law, order and hierarchy that has allowed us to be the unanimous rulers of the entire world. Instead of exploring space, we’ll be sent back to putting fucking sticks in termite mounds if these people are not dealt with. Start taking voting rights away from all but white males who own land, and I guarantee you the U.S. will be in a better fucking state.


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