Shag Carpetbaggers: A Second Pillaging of the South and the Flight from Sharia Law.

By Huntsman/AlabamaNatSoc




And, Lord, I can’t make any changes
All I can do is write ’em in a song
‘Cause I can see the concrete slowly creepin’
Lord, take me and mine before that comes

-All I Can Do (Is Write About It)–Lynyrd Skynyrd


            It was about 2005 when I first noticed the trickle of newly moved whites with funny accents transferring into my high-school. The first thought I always had, and most often my first question was: Why here? Why the fuck are you in Alabama? They never really had a decent answer, other than that jobs were getting scarce or that the cities were getting too violent. But never any specifics until I got to talk to a lady from Michigan in 2009 before I started to college. She was very blunt about why they’d moved.

“It’s the Muslims. All those Somalians they imported up there instituted Sharia law, so we moved back down here.” Karen had said during one of the family socials at my grandparent’s estate in Guntersville. I wasn’t shocked at the time, in my eternal tipping summer I felt that any religion caused this kind of behavior. Little did I know it was their genetics and IQ that forged the unholy alliance of Arab Brutality and Islamic Fanaticism. And it was not until eight years of President George W. Bush that the United States seemed ready for a new era of governance..

How little did we know that it would be just like 1866 all over again. Radical (((Democrats))); in the Reconstruction Era it was (((Republicans))) who enfranchised the Freedmen over their ability to handle it and in a pogrom like fashion, removed Confederates from power and imposed Weimar like restrictions on them. These (((Progressive Democrats))) came in and started imposing an outsiders view on an economically depressed South that had lost its morale. Only this time, instead of a war on our lands, it was the drain of sending wave after wave of our white sons to fight the wars of the ZOG in the Middle East.

It started at first with the beginnings of the Hurricane Katrina displacement. Not that the hurricane itself was in any way a conspiracy, but it was an opportunity for the Shag Carpetbaggers to make their moves even more overtly.

What is a Shag Carpetbagger? I’ll tell you: Shag Carpetbaggers are named after the original Carpetbaggers from the North who came down in droves during the 1860’s as missionaries and speculators. They have the same attitudes that were fostered about the South in the kike-run media; that we’re backwards, ignorant and resentful of outside control. Only one of these is true; as any population would resent outside control of internal affairs. They have the same practices as their forebears, buying up cheap property to develop and then cutting and running back up north after they’ve made their shekels and imported a bunch of niggers. And you can tell without a doubt that most of them were Jews, as shown by the cartoonist depiction shown. (fig. 1-Kike)




Shag Carpetbaggers are just like these Jews, in fact, quite a few of them ARE Jews, in the fact that they started coming down after the full effects of NAFTA were in place and the economy in other areas of the nation started collapsing due to illegal immigration and bad trade deals. The shag part comes from the expensive shag carpets placed in many of the 1970’s McMansions that sprang up in sub-urban California. Most of these people sold their overly expensive homes just before the 2008 financial bubble burst in the housing market. (((Pure Coincidence, Goyim!)))

The next group I noticed coming down were like the aforementioned Yankees moving down to escape the growing horde of Muslims in places like Deerborn, Michigan. Instead of just being shyster economic opportunists, these whites were forced from their homes due to a state apparatus that enabled the destructive behavior of Muslim immigrants. (((Snopes))) wants to say that this is just a urban legend, but after talking with Karen and her husband, I found it was quite the contrary. They personally had known of amputations and at least one beheading and several stonings due to violations of the Islamic Code of Sharia Law. While not publicly acknowledged and enforced, the police never seemed to have suspects or any kinds of leads on the crimes. And with three young, white daughters; Paul made the decision to move Southward to escape the black flag of Islam. I have no problems with these whites, even though they were stupid enough to vote in these policies, they’ve since learned that Diversity means White Genocide. I won’t turn any of you away, but I will warn you to not try and bring any of that shit here. We’ve got enough of that from the FedZOG.

And even now; in our CURRENT YEAR, we have Scalawags in our midst. (Scalawags being traitor whites who cuck out for PR and morality points among their SWPL and Jewish peers.) As these Yankees flee in ever increasing numbers to our region of the nation, the Shag Carpetbaggers from before the recession hit started not only running for office, but infesting our local city councils and other places of power to support the progressive agenda from within our own states. As well as voting for every piece of progressive legislation that they could, pushing through legislation to enact Common Core in Alabama in 2010, later repealed by 2014. Measures like the Supreme Court decision in 2015 on poopdick marriage can only be enforced in our states by the willing support of clerks, judges, appellate courts, reverends and priests. And these Scalawags who act against the Southron people for a quick federal or outrage lawsuit dollar are just as bad as the traitors who voted in 60 Carpetbagger Congressmen in 1866. The same people who pillaged our region after the War of Northern Aggression, are playing the same Shabbos Goy role in passing unwanted legislation from the bulwark of the Urban Centers. In filing lawsuits against clerks who refuse to grant homosexuals their blessing to taint the institution of marriage. They have attacked our state’s rights time and time again, and they do so at the bidding of their masters in Washington and Tel-Aviv.

            “In 1870 Northerners controlled 21% of the South’s railroads (by mileage); 19% of the directors were from the North. By 1890 they controlled 88% of the mileage; 47% of the directors were from the North.”

In this, we see a pattern; In Reconstruction, radical policies were enacted to hobble the stride of white southerners and give rights and privileges to the black freedmen that the negro wasn’t culturally and mentally ready to handle responsibly. In the Shag Carpetbagger invasion, radical changes to state and local legislatures are passed by massive amounts of redistricting and electoral mismanagement to disenfranchise rural whites and give disproportionate amounts of money and aid to the struggling, and more often than not, minority filled cities.

            In April 2010, Shelby County, Alabama, filed suit against the federal government “seeking to have Section 5 [of the Voting Rights Act] declared unconstitutional.” Under Section 5, certain states and jurisdictions were required to submit to the federal government proposed changes in election laws prior to enactment to ensure that the alterations were not discriminatory. This process was known as preclearance. On June 25, 2013, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Shelby County v. Holder that “the coverage formula … used to determine the states and political subdivisions subject to Section 5 preclearance was unconstitutional.” Although the court did not directly address the constitutionality of preclearance itself, “it effectively halted” the use of the preclearance mechanism.

This leads to problems like White Flight, which created the Shag Carpetbaggers in the first place as they fled from the very policies they’re voting in down here. The flood of Haitians into Mobile, the federal efforts to enforce Obamacare’s mandates on religious organizations, and of course the ever looming threat of Liberal backed gun confiscation. Only now, there is nowhere left to run.

            Union General Adelbert Ames, a native of Maine, was appointed military governor and later was elected as Republican governor of Mississippi during theReconstruction era. Ames tried unsuccessfully to ensure equal rights for black Mississippians. His political battles with the Southerners and African-Americans ripped apart his party.”

Much like the push that eventually dissolved the Dixiecrats when desegregation happened. (Also known as Reconstruction 2: Marching Coon Boogalooo.) My mother recounted to me her memories from the 1970’s when the federal government first started bussing the Negroes into Jacksonville from Anniston. It caused just as much racial tension then as it did in Reconstruction when ((Adelbert Ames)) decided to come down to Mississippi and tell the people down there how to live.

            “The “Black and Tan” (biracial) constitutional convention in Mississippi in 1868 included 29 white Southerners, 17 Southern freedmen and 24 nonsoutherners, nearly all of whom were veterans of the Union Army.”

            We can see this again in the new legislative (((Redistricting)) measures introduced in the south after the wake of (((Barak Obama’s))) presidential election. Accusations of Gerrymandering were thrown on both sides of the aisle, and the disenfranchised white working voter was left with no-one to turn to. Until Donald J. Trump…

            George E. Spencer was a prominent Republican U.S. Senator. His 1872 reelection campaign in Alabama opened him to allegations of “political betrayal of colleagues; manipulation of Federal patronage; embezzlement of public funds; purchase of votes; and intimidation of voters by the presence of Federal troops.” He was a major speculator in a distressed financial paper.”

            My fellow Alabamians, do the name’s (((Don Siegelman))) and (((Richard Scruchy))) ring any bells? These men stole a figure around 1.4 BILLION dollars combined from kickbacks and (((Creative Accounting))).

            In 2004, following an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Scrushy had charges brought against him by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).[4] Scrushy was charged with 36 of the original 85 counts but was acquitted of all charges on June 28, 2005, after a jury trial in Birmingham.[5]

Four months after his acquittal in Birmingham, Scrushy was indicted along with former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman on October 28, 2005, by a federal grand jury in Montgomery, Alabama.[6][7] The indictment included 30 counts of money launderingextortionobstruction of justiceracketeering, and bribery.

            On October 26, 2005, Siegelman was indicted on new charges of bribery and mail fraud in connection with Richard M. Scrushy, founder and former CEO ofHealthSouth. Two former Siegelman aides were charged in the indictment as well. Siegelman was accused of trading government favors for campaign donations when he was governor from 1999 to 2003 and lieutenant governor from 1995 to 1999. Scrushy was accused of arranging $500,000 in donations to Siegelman’s campaign for a state lottery fund for universal education in exchange for a seat on a state hospital regulatory board, a non-paying position. Scrushy, who had served on the state hospital regulatory board over the past three Republican administrations, had recently been acquitted of charges of securities fraud for his part in the HealthSouth Corporation fraud scandal which cost shareholders billions

            This is just a repeat of history, only with two Jews/Shabbos Goyim and Healthcare rather than using the railroads and newspapers as money holes. The Healthsouth scandal, to this day, produces unease and distrust in Alabamians of all races in not only the federal and state government, but in healthcare systems in general. Is it any surprise then, that Obamacare has faced such resistance in our state? Not only does it violate the religious rights of many of our citizens, it also looks scarily familiar to a scandal that cost our state more than we’ve ever been able to afford to lose in both dollars and trust. Like I have stated before: Reconstruction Never Ended.

            Tunis Campbell, a black New York businessman, was hired in 1863 by Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton to help former slaves in Port Royal, South Carolina. When the Civil War ended, Campbell was assigned to the Sea Islands of Georgia, where he engaged in an apparently successful land reform program for the benefit of the freedmen. He eventually became vice-chair of the Georgia Republican Party, a state senator and the head of an African-American militia which he hoped to use against the Ku Klux Klan.”

            What started with Tunis Campbell, continued with Malcom X and the Black Panther movement. While I don’t mind them calling for segregation again, I do mind the fact that their message hasn’t changed from “Kill Whitey” since they were first founded in Georgia. These people are funded by our government to agitate against us based on race! You can see this with Mayor Rawlings-Blake and her indifferent attitude towards BlackLivesMatter protesters burning her city down. These coons don’t care, they never have. It is clear that the only product of Reconstruction was a lasting distrust, enmity and incompatibility between whites and blacks. Maybe if the South had been allowed to repatriate the Negro and recoup some of the economic loss, we wouldn’t have this problem. But we’re here now; and we must look forward to how we are going to find a solution.

            “The “Brooks–Baxter War” was a factional dispute, 1872-74 that culminated in an armed confrontation in 1874 between factions of the Arkansas Republican Party over the disputed 1872 election for governor. The victor in the end was the “Minstrel” faction led by carpetbagger Elisha Baxter over the “Brindle Tail” faction led by Joseph Brooks, which included most of the scalawags. The dispute weaken both factions and the entire Republican Party, enabling the sweeping Democratic victory in the 1874 state elections”

            And even back then, the leftists and traitors ate each other alive after they had picked apart the corpses of Southron men who died in valiant charges. We see this today with the way feminism and the minority vote clash when put against the pure socialism of the supporters of (((Bernie Sanders.))) This flies in the face of every bit of smear campaign that the left has run, painting Trump as the antagonist, when clearly throughout the entire history of the US, the No-Platforming left have agitated for us to shoot them or let them have the stage. Fine, lefty. *Click Click* Get off my Lawn!

            Albion W. Tourgée, formerly of Ohio and a friend of President James A. Garfield, moved to North Carolina, where he practiced as a lawyer and was appointed a judge. He once opined that “Jesus Christ was a carpetbagger.” Tourgée later wrote A Fool’s Errand, a largely autobiographical novel about an idealistic carpetbagger persecuted by the Ku Klux Klan in North Carolina. He also advocated in the Plessy vs. Ferguson case.”

            It wasn’t just John Hagee that corrupted Christianity! Starting here, were the first kikes drawn into the Churches of the South and began to preach a racial equality version of Churchianity. They even wrote propaganda tracts back then to move people to be abolitionists. (Now, let us not think that it is Abolition that is the enemy. Slavery is disgusting, and since whites make the worst slaves of all, we decided to end the practice. Talks were in place in the Confederate Legislature to end slavery ourselves to take an ideological weapon away from the Union.)

And let us examine the behavior of the Carpetbagger in question in (((Mr. Tourgee’s))) book:

               THE reception accorded to this anonymous book, both by press and public, has been so unusual, and the impression made by the work has been so marked, that these facts are worth recording.

Seems like the Banned in Boston effect is older than we think….

During his babyhood, boyhood, and youth, our hero manifested none of those characteristics from which he afterwards received the name by which he is known in these pages. He was reared with care. Though his father died while he was yet young, he left sufficient estate to enable the mother to give to her children every advantage of education, and divide a small surplus between them as each arrived at man’s estate.

            Single mother, Check. Affluenza based entitlement, check. It seems like Tourgee’s hero is already set out to be one of the biggest cucks ever!

             “Do you know, Metta,” he said after a long silence, “that I have half a mind to go back?”

        “Back! where?” she asked in surprise.

        “Why, back to the South, whence I have just come,” he answered.

        “What! to live?” she asked, with wide, wondering eyes.

        “Certainly: at least I hope so,” he responded gayly.

        “But you are not in earnest, Comfort, surely,” with an undertone of pain in her voice.

        “Indeed I am, dear!” he replied. “You see, this is the way I look at it. I have been gone four years. These other fellows, Gobard and Clarke, have come in, and got my practice all away. It could not be otherwise. If not they, it must have been some others. People must have lawyers as well as doctors. So I must start anew, even if I remain here.” 

OY VEY! All the others have taken my market share! I must move to the ravaged lands of the South to try and make it where there isn’t anything left because Sherman burned it all down!

 “But will it be safe there? Can we live there among the rebels?” she inquired anxiously.

Oh, now you care about safe neighborhoods! Only now that you’ve unleashed the niggers without teaching them responsibility, you’ve disenfranchised and stripped of all property and wealth the ones holding them in check (southern whites), and then you want to move down here and exploit the situation you just made for quick shekels?

        “Oh,” he responded promptly, “I have no fear of that! The war is over, and we who have been fighting each other are now the best of friends. I do not think there will be a particle of danger. For a few months there may be disorders in some sections; but they will be very rare, and will not last any time.”

        “Well, dear,” she said thoughtfully, “you know that I will always say as Ruth did, and most cheerfully too, ‘Whither thou goest, I will go.’ You know better than I; and, if your health demands it, no consideration can be put beside that. Yet I must own that I have serious apprehensions in regard to it.”

        “Oh,” he replied, “there must be great changes, of course! Slavery has been broken up, and things must turn into new grooves; but I think the country will settle up rapidly, now that slavery is out of the way. Manufactures will spring up, immigration will pour in, and it will be just the pleasantest part of the country. I believe one-fifth of our soldiers–and that the very best part of them too–will find homes in the South in less than two years, just as soon as they can clear out their old places, and find new ones there to their mind.”

        So he talked, forgetful of the fact that the social conditions of three hundred years are not to be overthrown in a moment, and that differences which have outlasted generations, and finally ripened into war, are never healed by simple victory,– that the broken link can not be securely joined by mere juxtaposition of the fragments, but must be fused and hammered before its fibers will really unite.

            And after going to kill his fellow countrymen at the behest of Jewish bankers and power hungry federalists, the Fool then wants to return to the lands he pillaged in order to extract wealth from them! And they were surprised that we resisted?! He waxes on idealistically about how he presumes his fellows to have forgiven him, how they must be sorely awaiting his wisdom to enact (((social change))) in the South—further spewing that over one fifth of the Union soldiers will move South to claim their spoils! There should be no shock that the Klan was able to recruit Southron men through simply reminding them that Carpetbaggers were coming, and they intended to buy them out of house and home. Does it not sound like Barbara Spectre’s speech about Europe Must Be Multicultural to survive? Does it not sound like they are threatening you with violence and death should you refuse to buckle to their demands?

But in the end of that excerpt, even our Author must admit that no reconciliation was ever offered or expected. At least, not until they hammered at us more to beat us into total submission, like the Negro.

And what of Mr. Tourgee’s actions in Plessy vs. Ferguson? Did he know how far his actions and words would reach in enabling and emboldening the Negro Horde to set fire to American Cities and destroy white lives?

            Perhaps the nation’s most outspoken white Radical on the “race question” in the late 1880s and 1890s, Tourgée had called for resistance to the Louisiana law in his widely read newspaper column, “A Bystander’s Notes,” which, though written for the Chicago Republican (later known as the Chicago Daily Inter Ocean and after 1872 known as the Chicago Record-Herald), was syndicated in many newspapers across the country. Largely as a consequence of this column, “Judge Tourgée” had become well known in the black press for his bold denunciations of lynching, segregation, disfranchisement, white supremacy, and scientific racism, and he was the New Orleans Citizens’ Committee’s first choice to lead their legal challenge to the new Louisiana segregation law. Before the case began, Tourgee played a strategic role, for instance suggesting a light-skinned person to challenge the law. Dan Desdunes, the son of prominent Citizens Committee leader Rodolphe Desdunes was initially selected, but his case was thrown out because he boarded an inter-state train and it was decided state law did not apply. Homer Plessy was then selected and he was arrested after boarding an intra-state train.

            JUST LIKE A GOD-DAMNED JEW! As you can see, this man was agitating against any attempt at preserving social order at every turn! After using dubious and deceitful methods to get the case to move forward, only after having a case thrown out that Homer Plessy was even selected—and then coached and prodded to board that train to enable legislative terrorism against the state of Louisiana!

It is this kind of racial agitation that the left thrives upon, and it’s only possible with immigration unchecked and the importation of people not native to the country. The left has done this for their entire history, and even when the parties wore the other’s names, they still agitated for racial tension, due to the ease at which people are controlled and wealth is stolen during times of civil strife. Even a Negro can see this, in the following example of what I’d call Ben Carson’s Past Life.

            On November 6, 1875, Hiram Revels, a Mississippi Republican and the first African-American U.S. Senator, wrote a letter to U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant that was widely reprinted. Revels denounced Ames and Northerners for manipulating the Black vote for personal benefit, and for keeping alive wartime hatreds:

          “Since reconstruction, the masses of my people have been, as it were, enslaved in mind by unprincipled adventurers, who, caring nothing for country, were willing to stoop to anything no matter how infamous, to secure power to themselves, and perpetuate it….. My people have been told by these schemers, when men have been placed on the ticket who were notoriously corrupt and dishonest, that they must vote for them; that the salvation of the party depended upon it; that the man who scratched a ticket was not a Republican. This is only one of the many means these unprincipled demagogues have devised to perpetuate the intellectual bondage of my people…. The bitterness and hate created by the late civil strife has, in my opinion, been obliterated in this state, except perhaps in some localities, and would have long since been entirely obliterated, were it not for some unprincipled men who would keep alive the bitterness of the past, and inculcate a hatred between the races, in order that they may aggrandize themselves by office, and its emoluments, to control my people, the effect of which is to degrade them.”

            The only time that the Federal Government and the high-brow posing, virtue-signaling, race-baiting agitators will stop trying to force Southrons to live a life not suited to them will be when Southron men decide that they’ve had enough. The popular (((Media))) attempts to paint us as the violent revolutionaries, with leftist rags constantly drawing comparisons with any legal rebellion against their efforts to the righteous assault on Fort Sumter to force Union troops from Confederate lands. But when agitations and disunity results from their actions against our way of life; it’s referred to in language evoking their (((Reforming Spirit))) and the (((Right side of History.))) Consequently, any attempt at conservative reform in their areas are ((attacks on Civil Rights.))

If the colonization of white nations by economic migrants and Islamic Invaders isn’t bad, then I refuse to have any guilt over the European settlement of North America. Nobody is admitting that the entire thing is black and white. In fact, there weren’t any blacks in the North American region at that time! The Red Man fought a hard battle to force whites off of their lands, but in the end; they lost, and though treatment of the conquered foe wasn’t the best, it is still better than the treatment that Dhimmi are subject to under Sharia Law.

If we are to move towards peace, racial and regional; we must allow the States to take back power from the federal government and begin the very slow process of Reconciliation instead of a repeat of the horrors of Reconstruction. With the rise of Donald J. Trump, who frequently uses the old form “These United States”; we may have a chance to roll back some of the encroachments of the urbane, Concrete Mentality. Like Senator Revels said, these tensions would have long since been obliterated were it not for some unprincipled men who would keep alive the bitterness of the past and inculcate a hatred between the races, in order that they may aggrandize themselves by office to control ALL people, the effect of which is to degrade them.

I’m not tryin’ to put down no big cities
But the things they write about us is just a bore
Well, you can take a boy out of ol’ Dixieland
Lord but you’ll never take ol’ Dixie from a boy


For, this is Hunsman aka The Alabama NatSoc.


….And That’s A Damn Fact!!!


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